Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New EnergyNR, Yup Newton Running Has Done It Again!

Here at Newton, we’ve always taken pride in designing shoes that help runners find a more natural running posture and discover what it feels like to run more efficiently. The new EnergyNR, which we released last week, does just that. New design features allow you to step right into the shoe and effortlessly familiarize yourself with the benefits of Newton Running. “Our goal is always to look for ways to expand the Newton experience to a broader group of runners, and the EnergyNR offers similar functionality and ride to all of our products, but in a more conventional design package,” says Newton Running co-founder Danny Abshire. “Runners who are new to the brand and loyal Newtonites alike will truly enjoy the lightweight and responsive ride that the EnergyNR offers.” Whereas most running shoe brands place their cushioning technology in the heel of the shoe, our trademark impact-reducing lugs are located under the forefoot, which we believe to be the ideal first point of contact with the ground during the run gait cycle. So what makes the EnergyNR so different from other Newton Running shoes? To start, it features second-generation Action/ReactionTM technology in the forefoot. Originally offered only in our racing shoes, the more streamlined design employs five low-profile forefoot lugs that provide superior impact-zone cushioning and a smooth, stable ride. Similarly, the lightweight EnergyNR (weighing just 9 ounces for men and 7 ounces for women) has a heel-to-toe drop of 6 mm, which we found to be the ideal angle for supporting a balanced posture, affording the shoe both the accessibility of a traditional running shoe and the unique functionality of the Newton line. Designed to enhance the running experience for runners of all types, the lightweight, breathable mesh upper of the EnergyNR has a spacious toebox that provides ample room for toes to splay, while midfoot overlays provide a secure fit. Don’t take it from us though! The best way to experience the benefits of the newest addition to the Newton family is to step into a pair today and take a test drive in the brand new EnergyNR shoes from Newton Running!