Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dry Land Swimming - Bands or machine - Dara Torres

Dara Torres is back in the pool after giving birth about a year ago and setting records. Well if you are not sure who she is, then here is the surprise she is 40 years old and breaking records and shamefully putting it to kids half her age. How is she doing it, by spending less time in the water and hitting the gym for dry land training. The NY Times has a great article about her.

Anyway the most interesting part was that "her day had begun just after dawn in the weight room, where she worked her legs until they quivered and her arms until they ached — without pressing a weight or lifting a dumbbell. The 90-minute workout was the first leg of her training triathlon. It was followed by 90 minutes of swimming and 60 minutes of stretching." So does a swiss ball and bands or weights help or a dry swim trainer help you stay fit. From the looks of Dara I would say whatever she is doing it is working.

The results are in the time that you put into any sport. As we get older it is much more difficult to recover and with science and technology helping us understand our bodies better, doing exercises different from the sport in which you compete might help jump start and heal you for taking it to the next level.
Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving