Wednesday, July 30, 2008

LifeSport, That Good!

Ok so there are a number of good if not great places that a Triathlete can get trained. You have Carmichael, who we all know trained Lance Armstrong then there is Cadence Cycling who is up an coming and doing a great job. They have been featured in Triathlete for taking a handful of athletes and getting them ready for the IronMan, Hawaii. Then there is LIFESPORTS who have some top athletes they are training/winning, which makes them a good candidate for the common athlete. So when you have a bunch to choose from how does one decide. Well do research and also look for the athletes that they have already coached, once that has been done you see that LIFESPORTS has a leg up on the competition. Lance Watson and Paul Regensburg combine their talents to provide an athlete with a great experience, from understanding each discipline to getting you in shape what ever the distance/triathlon that you choose to do.

Another factor is Cost and from the looks of things LIFESPORTS is right on par if not cheaper than most out on the market but cost should not be a driving factor, you want to get better, you have the bike the great shoes and put countless miles in the pool, well don't stop there get a good coach whether virtually or one that you see in person, this sport is not cheap get a good year of working with a coach and you will see improvement in your times and finish place.

Here is a Quote from Lisa Bently, 11-time Ironman Champ
“Lance has taught me everything that I know. He has been a tremendous coach and teacher. I totally look to Lance for guidance in my training and in balancing training and life. He truly understands the physiological aspects of training. He explains to me why the training is a certain way and what the benefit is. Believe me, when I see double run or long cycle days, I think he is crazy. But he explains the purpose. He explains how these aspects fit into the macrocycle and then I understand.

As long as I am a professional triathlete, Lance will be my coach. I still have an awful lot to learn, and he is the perfect mentor.”

You decide, better times, better finishes, better fitness or just slight improvements year to year.