Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Messenger Mirror

Easy post here these are simple, light and one of the best designs to use on a bike.

MessengerMirror allows you to view things approaching from behind and increases your safety on a bicycle when cars are present. Cooked up by a cyclist who was looking for a cycling mirror and found the available products (T-a-L, 3rdi) were too expensive, had their design flaws, and all were too bulky to have in his face.
  • Compact, light, affordable
  • Fits thick and thin frames
  • 1/2" diameter Glass mirror
  • Approx length is 6.5" overall
The MessengerMirror is very compact so adjust your expectations of field-of-view accordingly. New riders, plus those familiar with other cycling mirrors, will quickly adjust and develop a method to best utilize it. It is designed to be fit on the left side of glasses but could be easily modified for right side use.