Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting to the Gym.

So the season is in full swing you are swimming, biking, and running 12-18 hours a week more or less. Now you find yourself lacking strength, but another couple hours at the gym a week, who has time. Well make time take a little of the workouts and put the time in, it will make you stronger and less prone to injury. TriFuel has a great post about this.
The crème of the crop for a weekly gym workout during triathlon, using the following two criteria for choosing exercises:
1) the exercise must strengthen the external rotation muscles of the shoulders, hips, and core, which are the most neglected muscles of triathlon training and the most prone to imbalance and injury from swimming, cycling and running.
2) the exercise must not create excessive soreness, which will detract from important swim, bike and run workouts during race season.
Using those two criteria, here are the instructions for "The Exact Gym Workout to Do During Race Season."
-Warm-up 5 minutes. Go through each station 3x, performing the indicated number of reps for each exercises and resting only long enough to be able to do the exercises with good form. Once you finish all three exercises in a station 3x through, move on to the next station.
(here's the good news for you visual learners: each link will take you straight to a video for that particular exercise)
  • "The Exact Gym Workout to Do During Race Season."
  • Station 1: Hip External Rotators
  • Exercise 1: Band Side Walks - 20 steps in each direction
  • Exercise 2: Hip Hikes - 10 per side
  • Exercise 3: Ice Skaters- 10 per side
  • Station 2: Shoulder External Rotators
  • Exercise 1: Bow Row - 10 per side
  • Exercise 2: Lateral Step with Reverse Fly - 10 per side
  • Exercise 3: Pull-ups or Pull-downs - 10 (no video, you know how to do these)
  • Station 3: Core External Rotators
  • Exercise 1: Side Plank Rotations - 10 per side
  • Exercise 2: Cable Torso Twists - 15 per side
  • Exercise 3: Woodchoppers - 10 per side
By incorporating this routine at least once per week during race season, you will be working the exact muscles necessary to keep you injury free AND make you faster. Although this workout is not in my book "Top 12 Resistance Training Routines for Triathletes" at, it would be a good workout to incorporate along with the routines in the book.more..