Friday, October 30, 2009

Workout for the off season

Want to get stronger in a real way, not the muscles that make you look funny and are completely useless unless you want to pose. This workout is based on 3 minutes routine with a 2 minutes off. It will be tough but will build explosive power.
Welcome to The Freak

The Freak Workout 25 seconds per station total 3 minutes 2 minutes rest. (7 stations without a wall or partner)
* If you have a partner do all 8
** if you have a wall do 8
1. Spiderman pushups
2. Plyometrics pushups
3. Hand Switch (on a ball push ups)
4. Recline pull ups
5. Rope Body weight pull ups
6. Jumping Pull ups
7. ** Medicine ball through into a pushups **
8. Medicine ball Jump ups
9. * (Partner) Medicine ball through between partner *