Thursday, October 15, 2009

Training a swimmer with technology

Great Ideas should be shared, so here goes. If you are training a swimmer one of the hardest things to do is have them change something at the end of each lap. Well technology is about to change all that, H2O Audio has three great products that allows a coach to interact with swimmer while they are, you guessed it SWIMMING. What is this you ask, well once you get the waistband, armband and earphones you are halfway there. If your athlete has an iPhone and you have one as well, then you are in business. Place the call to the athlete and talk them through a workout. If you have a old iphone and a new iphone since your athlete might not want to risk putting their iPhone in the water for an hour, well then a old or new iPhone not activated and your phone works just as well. Sign up for Skype and create two accounts, once that is done and the pool that you are training in has WiFi then all your troubles are solved.
Now you have really taken training to the next level. Sea level