Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Blue's New Triad SL

From USATBlue Competition Cycle is a USA Triathlon Gold Partner

Triad SL from Blue Competition Cycles. 10 percent lighter than the original Triad. 10 percent stiffer than the original Triad. 10 percent faster than the original you.

New for 2010, the Triad SL mixes a race-proven geometry from the industry leading Triad with the latest in aerospace carbon fiber materials and a new carbon schedule. This new construction allows us to take 180 grams off the already light weight frame while adding on to one of the stiffest bottom brackets the industry has ever seen on a Tri bike. This means you have one fast bike!

However, having a fast bike doesn't do you any good if you are not in a position to be fast when you are on it. Blue continues to be the only company in the world willing to prove they want to make you faster and not just sell you a bike. With our unique program giving buyers of the Triad SL (frameset and complete bikes) and Triad (complete bikes only) one free hour in the A2 wind tunnel, you have the opportunity to make sure the bike you are on is fast and the position you have on that bike is optimized for you and you alone.

A lot of athletes tell us "I am not fast enough to go to the wind tunnel" or "My flexibility isn't good enough to allow me to ride a very aero position." The truth is, everyone can benefit from the hour in the wind tunnel and you don't have to be a Pro Tour caliber rider. During the hundreds of tests in the A2 wind tunnel Blue has been part of, the least improvement we have seen is 10% on any athlete, be it age grouper or Andreas Raelert, who placed third at Kona this year.

To be as fast as you want to be, contact Blue Competition Cycles at Blue