Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trek's I mean Trash Dream Bike Giveaway

So watching the tour there is this bike promo by Trek driving users online for a chance to win 10 bike in 10 days. Now I am hooked who does not want a free bike, enter email and click spin for a chance. Off it goes and each time, every time that same spin happens you get the image below. I am not sore about losing I am sore that even in Vegas they show you a different number/cherry/card, whatever, not Trek, they don't even try to hide their cheating.

Using technology today the least you could do is show a different losing image, make us feel as though we are not being cheated. Was this not tested? Really? As thought the Tour does not suffer enough back lash Trek goes and taints it with a sham of a promotion to get leads.
This is crap, Trek has had a lot of success with the Tour and Lance, expect more from a company that hinges a lot of bike sales to one person and seven Tour wins.

Trek make it right, some way, some how, to the users you are driving to your Promotion.