Friday, January 14, 2011

Triathlon Reality Show, Sign Up Now!

So with the success of these reality shows how many would want to qualify for Kona on one. That seems to be the direction Ironman is going, Michael Pine the new Marking and Public Relations director might take the brand. I am sure this would be a slam dunk, what type A triathlete would not want to compete against another triathlete to get his or her shot at qualifying for KONA.
“Right now triathlon needs more mainstream media exposure to drive its attractiveness and make people say, “I want to do this.” We can do that through storytelling” Pine said “ You watch “The Amazing Race,” and people are drawn to that. If we could do something like that, we could hook more people into the sport. You look at what “The Ultimate Fighter” on Spike did for UFC — it put us on the map”.