Monday, July 18, 2011

Smaller Events Need Better Coverage! Bloggers, Twitters and Facebook Unite..

What does it take for smaller venues to be recognized. Banding together, yes it is nice to do the IM events, it cost you plenty. The smaller events usually in your back yard can be as much fun or more. Going to local event you build friendships, meet training partners and even start a friendly rival. The cost is a fraction of the big events without the hassle. Drive in the morning of the event, compete, hand, go home.

So I am not sure why more local events are not covered by TV or Radio, even streaming. The marketing impact of local events is overlooked, having a booth orjust ground support show community involvement and professionalism that frankly more brands need.

So get on the band wagon, Twitter, Facebook, blog or podcast local events, who know a pro might just show up.