Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Leopard-Trek and Radioshack will merge to form a new team next season

It seems as though a super power is trying to emerge, bring back the yellow jersey, employee top cyclist and well win. So Leopard-Trek and RadioShack will try to win the Tour by combining teams. Evens, will be a bit harder to beat than combining teams, the Australian won the tour by being the toughest single racer for those three weeks, staying clean, one minor bike mishap, which he rode himself back into the thick of it, staying in the main pack and finishing up with a true all out TT. Yes with the merger of the two teams, this will make it harder for Evens to repeat but nerveless, he will be right back in the thick of it.

The new outfit, to be named Radioshack-Nissan-Trek, will use Leopard-Trek’s existing WorldTour licence and will be based in Luxembourg, where the Schleck brothers’ team currently operates.
“Leopard announces that RadioShack and Nissan are joining the Leopard-Trek World Tour Team as sponsors for the 2012 and 2013 seasons,” read a Leopard-Trek statement.