Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kuat Vegabond, Roof Rack

Seeing a new company (Kuat - Pronounced Koo-At) come out with a roof rack at a great price is good, one that builds a bike rack into the Rack itself is genius. 
The Vegabond is just that a prefect rack for cars/SUV.
Kuat Racks was founded in 2007 by Luke KUschmeader and Brian ATkinson, riding partners from way back. The guys had a passion for all things bike and wanted to become a larger part of the bike community. In 2008 KUAT launched their first line of aluminum hanging style hitch racks, the ALPHA and the BETA, creating a tsunami of positive vibes throughout the industry. Due to the consumer response Luke pressed on as the company visionary but with a new partner, Guy Mace; engineering genius, manufacturing guru, and an avid outdoor enthusiast who owns more cars than the average car lot. With the new partnership Kuat released more goodness to the public for 2009-10 (see NV and SHERPA). In short from day one it has been our mission to make a better rack for our fellow riders and scratch out a living while doing it. See you on the trails.