Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Athletes Wanted: Apply to Become a TrainingPeaks Ambassador

TrainingPeaks is excited to announce that we are putting together our first ever TrainingPeaks Ambassador Program. If you think you have what it takes to be on Team TrainingPeaks, read on!
We’re looking for athlete ambassadors who avidly use our products and wholeheartedly believe in training with TrainingPeaks. Our ambassadors will balance their passion for endurance sports with life, all while influencing those in their community.

We want athletes who are:
• AUTHENTIC AND CREDIBLE. Our ambassadors are more than just athletes; they are the storytellers for our brand. That’s why our ambassadors will be highly motivated, enthusiastic self-starters. We seek individuals who will validate TrainingPeaks through their daily lives, sport, and community.
• PASSIONATE ABOUT TRAINING PROGRAMS. Our ambassadors know when it comes to training, setting a goal and following a training plan or working with a coach is where it’s at.
Sponsorship of our athlete ambassadors will last for one (1) year during which time we ask our athletes to use TrainingPeaks to train for at least five (5) events. We may also collaborate around some or all of the following:
• PRODUCT FEEDBACK. We ask athlete ambassadors to beta test software features and tell us how we can enhance or improve features.
• EDITORIAL CONTENT. We are looking for athlete ambassadors who are also inspirational storytellers (writers or bloggers) and generously offer advice and insight into their training. We will publish and promote your work to others to help motivate and inspire training for endurance athletes. Regular engagement and postings on TrainingPeaks’ social media channels will be required.
• AMBASSADOR PROFILES. Athlete ambassadors may be featured on the TrainingPeaks website, Facebook page, emails, newsletters and blog.
• APPEARANCES. Athlete ambassadors may be asked to participate in TrainingPeaks sponsored events (i.e. race expo, conference, or event) when appropriate, and wear TrainingPeaks gear during your five required events.
• TRAININGPEAKS ADVOCATE. Be a role model and spokesperson with whom TrainingPeaks users and our partners will be proud to be associated.
To apply, click here.  Application deadline is November 30, 2012. 2012 Ambassadors will be announced December 15th. We look forward to reviewing your application!