Friday, July 6, 2007

Pedal stroke, Proper Position

image courtesy of Road Hogs

Pedal stoke is one thing you need to get correct, you will find foot numbness, knee pain, thigh and calf strain, so make sure you get fitted when you start out. Bike shops that are any good will have a couple tools in their shop to help you achieve good bike position. A company called Slow Twitch has developed a process called F.I.S.T., Fit Institute Slowtwitch. "A proper road bike fit system is one that helps a rider adopt a road bike fit used by most of the better road bike riders. And a proper tri bike fit system will place triathletes in an optimized position for riding a bike outfitted with aero bars."
1) A trainer (bike trainer) with a riser ring keeping the bike level.
2) Knee Angle tool, making sure you have about 150 degrees
These two are the most important but read more at..