Thursday, July 19, 2007

Swimming in a Wetsuit

Swimming in a wetsuit is really different than in a tight speedo or spandex shorts. If the suit is a full (legs and arms covered), or a farmer john (trunk and legs covered) many different things can occur. First some will feel confined, buoyancy can be another problem, size, tracking, and heat can all be effects of a wetsuit. So what does this mean, get out before your event and swim in your wetsuit. Even if you are a seasoned triathlete get at least one workout in before the race (your last swim workout would be the best) so that you have a memory of what it feels like.

The other thing to consider is not to get into your suit to soon before the start of the race unless they allow you in the water to warm up. Many make this mistake and get overheated or just feel drained. Remember the wetsuit is tight and meant to keep water out and you warm, they don't work that great on land.

One last thing, for some a wetsuit is a blessing, it keeps you afloat and that can help certain a certain style of swimmer. If sink in the pool and feel as though you are kicking a lot to keep yourself moving then a wetsuit is great. Buoyancy in your lower half should be greatly increased allowing you to kick less or feel less fatigued at the end of the swim portion.

Cheers and get out and train!