Saturday, July 14, 2007

Triathlon Tapering, Olympic Distance

Photo: Christof Koepsel/Getty Images
Tapering seems to be on everyone's mind lately, with several triathlons coming up, New York Triathlon and Mercer County Triathlon all need to be in full taper mode. So what does this mean? In short less work/time/milage at a race pace or faster, to get your system ready for the race ahead. puts it like this:
"In the last week before an Olympic-distance triathlon, your run training must be sharply reduced in volume so your body can fully recover from and adapt to the peak workouts you did the previous week.

In addition, you must include a modest amount of running at race pace or faster to ensure your neuromuscular system is primed. Cutting your peak tempo run and your peak transition run in half and eliminating the long run should do the trick. If you like, do this last, short transition run at a near-maximum effort level -- just so race pace doesn't seem quite so fast come Sunday!"
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