Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Training in the Heat and Humidity

It's getting hot out, so how do you train? In the winter we are inside stuck to a treadmill or trainer, but in the summer who wants to be inside, but it's hot! For some the heat is a blessing for most the complete opposite, trouble breathing, overheating, muscle cramps, etc.. Your body needs to keep its temperature within a narrow range to be able to function effectively. The hotter it gets outside, the higher your core body temp becomes! Your heart rate will often rise whether you’re exercising or not.
So make sure you are ready and practice these tips
1) Acclimate Your Body
2) Hydrate Early and Often
3) Determine Your Losses
4) Dress for Success
5) Know Your Limits
6) Recovery
7) Your Age make a Difference
To learn more, please visit USA Triathlon's web site at www.usatriathlon.org