Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Russian Kettlebell, Train Your Core.

Want to train your core, get strong for the upcoming triathlon season, start using Kettlebell's. If you think that you are in shape and have a great center, prepared to be humbled. Andrey Patenko from Russian Kettlebell House will run you through a great workout. First lets say if you are going to take a class, well make sure they are from the source, former Soviet Union should do it. Like Jiu-Jitsu you would take it from the source that has been perfecting it for generations, the Gracie's. KettleBell's are a total body workout and if you mix it with CrossFit you will see results almost instantly. Flexibility, power, strength and core are all addressed and the effects are felt for days.

Here is Russian Kettlebell House's Level One - For Beginners class
This four hour seminar and workshop is the ideal course for non-professionals and athletes alike, interested in safely and properly implementing kettlebell training in their workout. This step-by-step kettlebell experience includes:

Basic and fundamental kettlebell drills
The foundations and history of Russian kettlebell training
Basic kinesiology as it relates to kettlebell training
Acceleration/deceleration and ballistic movements, and its superiority in muscle, joint, ligament and skeletal healing, training and conditioning.
Systema for weight loss, longevity and reversing aging
Systema for breathing, energy, flexibility and healing
Kettlebell training safety and spotting techniques
For professionals we will teach you how to work with your clients, and how to integrate kettlebell training into your clients' health, rehabilitation and strength goals.
And much more ...

Gyms are great for pools, but a specialized Kettlebell workout with achieve more in a month than you could hope to get in a year at a gym. So go out and get a couple Kettlebell's and feel the effects that help you train better and feel better.