Tuesday, August 4, 2009

US Gran Prix of Cyclocross

It's coming to Mercer County NJ, again. I know it early but get it on your schedule and get ready for the mud. Last year was great.

The second weekend of the USGP of Cyclocross returns to Mercer County Park on November 14th and 15th where the racers are sure to face windy, challenging conditions and deep fields from the highly competitve Mid-Atlantic cross scene.

Once again Clif Bar will present it's Kids' Cross Clinic featuring the Clif Bar athletes at the race venue.

Course designer, CyclocrossWorld.com's very own Stu Thorne, says about the Mercer venue:

This is a course for the powerful racers. The first turn after the start will be critical and it leads into a long, slow grind into the false flats on far-side of the course. The sand pits - three in a row - are long and favor the strongest, technical riders. On the final lap, the race could turn on a strategic run through the pits. The pit is located fairly close to the finish and right before the fly-over. The person who gets a good bike change in the pits would be positioned well for the last trip over the fly-over, into the technical section along the lake into the final gravelly turn onto the long up-hill sprint to the finish.

In general, with the fly-over, sand and grass there is more than enough on offer on this course to make it very interesting! Throw in the strong winds coming off the lake and we're in for a great weekend of racing.