Monday, February 14, 2011

Endurance Planet Offers Three Free Training Plans

Come one, Come All!

Endurance Planet, which offers free marathon, trail-running, triathlon, and endurance sports audio podcasts and videos, has announced a series of free endurance sports training plans from the website

Ben Greenfield, exercise physiologist and sports nutritionist (and frequent contributor to the TP Blog!) says, “We’d like to give our loyal Endurance Planet audience clear direction in their workouts and races, and the opportunity to see how much better it feels to have a structured training program.”

Ben designed the plans using TrainingPeaks, so people who download the plans will have all the great functionality that comes with a TrainingPeaks account, including the free TrainingPeaks App and mobile site, e-mail workout notifications, and the ability to view their calendar and plan at any time from any computer with internet access.

Happy Valentines Day, treat your loved one or ones.