Monday, February 21, 2011

Team Timex

To have goals moves us forward. That being said, everyone should try to make a team or get a sponsor for 2012. Sponsorships come in many different flavors, from ambassador to full paid. Both are good and have rewards, After reading about Team Timex this will be a goal of mine.

The focus and dedication that each one of these athletes puts forth is inspirational.

After an an early morning swim at a nearby high school and breakfast at the Timex Performance Center, Team Timex was shuttled across the Meadowlands Sports Complex to the New Giants Stadium. There, the team was directed to the field level Coaches Club, which was adorned with banners celebrating winning Team Timex athletes since 2003. Also on display were the team tri tanks representing each season of the 10-year history. The triathletes were able to walk out on to the sidelines taking in the enormity that is New Giants Stadium from this rare point-of-view.

Team Timex attended a presentation by Timex Sales and Marketing executives in the Coaches Club, which wrapped up with yet another surprise. They were led to the Giants locker room where they found each locker personalized with a Timex Multisport Team placard with their names and backpacks loaded with gear for the 2011 season. Items included tri-tops, running shorts, jackets and hats. The team was ecstatic!