Friday, May 18, 2007

After the Bike: Have you trained for the run?

For most Triathletes this is the hardest part, transitioning from the bike to the run, I am not saying this is the hardest section, most triathletes are not swimmers so this could be the hardest part of the event. But since one might be pushing a big gear before coming into the run your Cadence could be off making it harder to transition. "For example, if our running cadence will be around 180-190 steps per minute (for two legs), then pedaling cadence in cycling should be around these numbers 90-95 rpm for one lejavascript:void(0)g. Besides this, pedaling should be done on the easier gears, which provide reduced muscle tension just before the run. " more..
Special thanks to Dr.Romanov from Pose Tech