Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Transport Your Bike, Race to Race

Now we talk a lot about training, but one this review it is about getting your stuff to an event, if you can't drive to an triathlon and have to fly then read further.
Along comes Tri Bike Transport! Now if you are traveling all the time then investing in solid case of your own might be a better alternative, then this one from Delta Cases is practically bullet proof. For the once a year triathlon that you need to get to like KONA you can't beat Tri Bike Transport. TriBike Transport offers a unique service to help ease the logistical headaches of preparing for and traveling to a North American Ironman event or other triathlon.

Avoid the high cost, inconvenience and risks of checking your bike with the airlines or shipping it via mass ground carrier to your big race. Simply drop it off, fully assembled, at one of our conveniently located partner bike shops before you leave for your IM destination and pick it up, ready to ride, before your race, within walking distance of the Ironman Village. Your bike is never disassembled or packed in a case.

After your race, drop it off at the same location the same evening or the next morning and we'll get it back to your local shop for you to pick up at your convenience after you get home.
Check them out! Tri Bike Transport