Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Aquaman, a "better" wetsuit

There are many on the market and all that do triathlons have one or should get one. You have makers like IronMan, Orca, Quintana Roo, they all make great wetsuits. The difference between all is the technology and how long they have been in the game. Aquaman since 1984, at this time triathlon was in its infancy and the need for wetsuits specially made for triathlon was finally there. As we are seeing Tri's become more popular, different companies are going to start emerging, and with new technology towards gear. Aquaman has a list of cool features that would appeal to all types of triathletes, price would be the only deciding factor:

Express Opening System
The best zipper for Triathletes, close it down, and open it upwards. Will not open when you swim.

Friction Free Collar
A collar made for Triathlon, designed to avoid friction on the neck. No seams against the skin and no contact with the Velcro components.

Flexible Zip
The flexible zipper will stretch and mold with the curve of your back,shoulder and neck making the suit very comfortable.

Arm Propeller
This grooved panel will grip the water in the pull phase of the stroke and will allow a better propulsion.

Ergo Shoulder
AQUAMAN is the only company to design and produce a one piece shoulder. Just one seam with no chaffing and no restriction.

HYDROPRENE 6000 SCS Composite Rubber
Yamamoto Smoothskin # 39 with SCS incorporated. Will provide 360 degree multidirectional flexibility and the most comfortable fit.

The Flexor is a thinner piece of neoprene with Ultra Flex textile inside which is designed to release pressure on the lower back during the swim and will be found on the Metal Cell and the Bionik models.

The Cut
Over 30 years of wetsuit experience have gone into our unique cut. Aquaman believes it is the best fitting wetsuit on the market.

At the transition, every second counts. That is why the end of the wrists of the Metal Cell and the Bionik are thinner and more flexible thanks to the Ultra Flex textile inside.

Pre-shaped Arms
It is at the moment that the swimmer’s arm bends into the stroke that the propulsion phase is most important. The sleeves of the Metal Cell and the Bionik are already pre-shaped to the form and angle of the arm to offer a minimum of restriction during the swim.

Behind The Knees
At the end of the swim it is often necessary to run several hundred yards in your wetsuits before reaching your bike. Flexibility at the knee is most important for reaching your bike fast. The Metal Cell and the Bionik have the flexor behind the knee to help running.

You make the decision! Aquaman